One stop solution for all of your Electronic components need.

Aryan Semiconductors, founded by Mitesh Janikar, is a 18-year-old reputable and prominent wholesaler, distributor and trader of  electronic components dealing with major global brands catering to the electronic industry in India.

Who are we?

ARYAN SEMICONDUCTORS (formerly known as ARYAN ELECTRONICS) is an Electronic Components Distributor in India since 2004.

We have continuously expanded since we started as traders to now offer affordable solutions to a variety of large industrial clients in the country mainly in the automotive sector.

We are dedicated to offering our customers products at fair prices with superior quality and first-grade customer service.

Why us?

We specialize in sourcing hard-to-find components from top manufacturers, distributors, and trusted independent dealers from all over the world.

We act as a complete solution provider by helping industries by fulfilling their BOMs requirements as a whole saving them time and effort in their supply chain.

We are driven to go above and beyond to satisfy our customers to the fullest and always stay committed to quality and service.

Our stock-keeping ability helps us to keep our turnaround time at a bare minimum and cater to the customer in time.